Before Nathan became successful in real estate, transacting millions of dollars in real estate capital, he had $60,000 in personal debt. Working as a retail manager Nathan realised this path would not produce the kind of results he fiercely sought after. Through years of learning the ropes of property investments, he closed his first deal at the age of 20 and began breaking out of the confines of his debt.

Out of this experience, the trials and errors, and pursuit of true confidence, his business ‘Fearless Millionaire’ was born. A trainer and speaker in both residential and commercial transactions, he has invested in single-family properties, land, apartments, hotels, assisted living and even lends capital to other investors.

With a growing family, which Nathan declares is his most important ‘asset’ he spends his time travelling, closing deals, and running his business locally and remotely. Well known for his fearless attitude, he helps his clients achieve and expand their goals, achieving them faster in their business.


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