The UK Is A Mother-Load For Foreign Investors

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The UK is a mother-load for foreign investors.

The UK property market continues to be dominated by foreign investors. Despite the changes in stamp laws. Buyers continue to see the benefits of doing business in Britain as a safe financing of assets.


Where does this information come from?

Home Office data indicates that overseas housing investments have increased by 180% in the past 11 years. This being the case, a large portion of ownership of homes in the UK are purchased under an international address by individual investors. Due to the vast amount of foreign investment in the country’s property market, the industry does not appear to be impacted by the lack of local purchases.


In what parts of the country do foreign investors want to invest?

If you answered areas like London, you are wrong. The capital has been the target of investors for decades, but now they are focusing on other areas of the country. Examples include Liverpool, Manchester, etc. The capital is still a hot spot for property buying but not as it used to be over the past years.

These areas have undergone significant changes over the years, which has made them more attractive to home buyers everywhere. The newly discovered potential areas for investment are a lot more attractive than they have ever been.


Is this keeping the housing trade afloat in particular?

At first glance, it appears so. However, native buyers have an important role to play as well. According to CFPData house prices in the UK are often driven up by overseas buyers. Our understanding of such purchases is hindered by the lack of available official data, resulting in past analyses being based on small samples or anecdotes.


Why are they interested?

This is due to the fall in the UK pound (13%). Making it easier for them to acquire assets and save money at the same time. It is like heating the jackpot. It is no secret that the United Kingdom has always been a popular tourist destination among the people in the country, which is why it garners so much attention to the property buying scheme.



In the housing market, foreign investments have played a huge role in the percentage of gains over the last decade.

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