Candid Moments | FRUIT – ‘The Nature’s Candy That Keeps The Body Wealthy’

This week we shall be discussing about FRUIT – ‘THE NATURE’S CANDY THAT KEEPS THE BODY WEALTHY’ 

Watch the pre-recording session, where Sapphire will share with you her journey on ‘FRUIT – ‘NATURE’S CANDY KEEPS THE BODY WEALTHY’. 


Sapphire our host stated: “I have suffered for many years with my health until I started to include fruit and vegetables daily, running a business and retaining information is not easy. This is why I wanted to share why fruits is important to our health.” 


Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium. They’re an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. A diet high in fibre can also reduce your risk of bowel cancer. 

If you need more convincing, why you should eat more fruit and vegetables in your diet here are my Top 8: 

1. You get to enjoy a variety of flavours and textures 

2. Lots and lots of fibre 

3. They’re low-calorie and low-fat 

4. Protect against cancer and other diseases. 

5. Fruits and vegetables help you maintain good health. 

6. Low in sodium and cholesterol. 

7. Fresh, frozen, canned, dried – they’re ALL nutritious. 

8. Convenient, quick, and easy 


This is shared in this week’s candid moments with Sapphire. 


We always love to read your comments so why not answer these few questions: 

What’s your favourite / least favourite fruit? 

What fruit flavour do you love but aren’t crazy about the actual fruit? 

What fruit is the biggest pain to eat?

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