Unit 11 : Your Retirement Plan (AQA Accredited)Building Your Life of Luxury (Course reference: 11)

About this course

It could help you to have a plan with the money that you’re going to make, and with a solid retirement plan, you can have your future mapped out and ready to go without any worries. This is a course that will help you to lay out your new retirement plan.

Are you thinking about taking your small business to the next level? Whether you’re considering taking on more employees, setting up more branches or even turning your business into a franchise, there’s a lot you’ll need to think about.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand traditional pension
  • How to use property investment as a pension
  • Gain an understanding of inheritance tax isn’t paid
  • Consider the type of lifestyle desired in retirement
  • Research pension figures and provide a desired annual pension income breakdown
  • Research and summarise what Pension Freedom is
  • Research and summarise Inheritance Tax
  • Research and identify the standard Inheritance Tax Rate
  • Research and identify the normal threshold for inheritance tax
  • Research and identify the inheritance tax rate if leaving property to children or grandchildren
  • Identify the benefits of using a pension to invest in commercial property

While it’s exciting to think about your retirement, it’s important that it doesn’t have a negative impact on other aspects of your life. So, we’ll also look at how to establish a good life balance. If you successfully complete the course, you’ll also receive a level 3 qualification.

Category: Lifestyle

Subject areas: Retirement and planning, pension, funding, work-life balance

Who is it for? People who are already running a business or working and who want to learn more about how to grow their pension pot in property ready for when you retire.

Course reference: 11

Accreditation: Accredited by the AQA Unit Award Scheme Assessment: Based on workbook and research completed

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Qualification: Level 3 AQA Unit Award Scheme qualification – OUR RETIREMENT PLAN- BUILDING ON YOUR LIFE OF LUXURY

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