Pack 0 -Savvy Copper- Is Included in all packs* can be brought as a standalone package

Savvy Copper Package: £1,497 + VAT = £1,796.40
  • You get a Savvy Woman advisor to help you to free your mind to allow money to flow into your life, knowing that it is within your control.
  • Step-by-step process on how to release the money blocks that are holding you back.
  • How to set powerful and solid financial goals, so that you always stay focused and productive!
  • Build a strategy
  • All documents to help you start investing
  • Mind Map – show the steps for you and your business
  • Have all your questions answered
  • Have been given enough information to help and guide you to acquire your first Investment Property within 6 weeks
Access to our Power Team (i.e. my Accountant, Tax Advisor Mortgage Broker and Solicitor) to help you to set up your business properly from day one.

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