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“Most women are unable to start investing in property on their own, and yet their ambition drives them forward regardless. That is where we come in.”

Savvy Sapphire Gray
Founder, Savvy Women


Hi Savvy Ladies,

My name is Sapphire Gray and I am just a girl with a dream who decided to go for it.

I am the founder of the Savvy Women Group, creator of “The Real Women” Movement, “Property, Profits & Pensions Signature Coaching™” and the author of New Rules to success.

At the beginning of this incredible journey, I had nothing. I was not blessed with huge resources and buckets of money, but I still had the motivation to go out and get what I wanted. I had a huge dream and even more significant potential, but I did not know how I would put my plan into motion. The only thing I was 100% certain about was the fact that, no matter what, I was going to figure it out and make this dream a reality.

As a single Mum, I wanted something that was going to give me security while making my children proud of me. It is never easy, to be a single working mother, but if I could just reach out and make a dream real, life could be that bit more secure.

I did not understand how to run a business at the time. There was no business plan, no clarity, and no finance resources around to hire in advisors and business coaches. I had no partner to lean on for the emotional support as well as the financial support that I may have needed.

I know what it feels like to take a risk and do it standing on my own two feet, and I know that perseverance and trusting myself would always get me where I wanted to go.

So, how did I do it?

I worked hard and never stop. I studied hard, and I made sure to take as many courses as I could, read everything I could read to turn my dreams into a reality. I learned all about the Law of Attraction to learn about mindset techniques, how to be more productive and how to set and achieve my goals. If there was a way to motivate myself and keep pushing myself and became the expert, I knew I could be.

I spent a lot of money, I did not intend to spend, and I made mistakes along the way. Mistakes help us to learn, and I learned more than I ever thought possible. It was not easy, not always full of joy. There was frustration and stress and upset, and all while I was being Mum.

I want to be able to teach you all about making the best decisions for you, and if I can do that with Savvy Woman Group, my dream has just come true.

Why Choose Us

Wide Range of Properties Strategies

At Savvy Women Group we have a wide range of properties strategies, suited to all investor’s needs. We are all about property investment, but there are so many different types to choose from. These are the properties that we have access to on a regular: Residential, retail, industrial and commercial properties.

Financing Made Easy

Anyone who is keeping an eye on the property market knows that the property prices have gone, well, a bit silly. Most ordinary folk now can’t afford the luxury of buying their own home, and those that can usually need to use the help of government schemes where they don’t own all the house; only a part of it. These are some finance options you might consider when you are building your property portfolio.

  • Residential property crowdfunding
  • Peer-to-peer property lending
  • Property development investment
  • Commercial finance
  • Portfolio finance
  • Deal structure

Trusted by Thousands

We have delivered a wide range of property investment coaching and finance support to many diverse individuals and organisations from small businesses to universities and County Councils.

Get Notifications

Take two-seconds and join the Savvy Women Group Social media as this will be our primary method of communication outside of email updates, and again you will not want to miss a thing:

Facebook: 50savvywomen

Facebook: Savvy Property Investment Support Group for Women

Twitter: 50savvywomen

Instagram: 50savvywomen

You can also join my personal Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter by going to: (TIP: If you need to get in touch with my directly, Twitter is usually the fastest. Just drop a tweet to @50savvywomen and I’ll do my best to respond.)


Savvy Women Group Ltd is comprised of real, successful Property investors. We are very transparent with our clients, sharing the good bad and all in-between, showing our clients the property industry as a whole allows them to pivot the pitfalls and although we are there to give full hand holding support, we still want you to avoid mistakes, but don’t take our word for it read our clients testimonials.

Near Me

We have two locations that will be near you London and Kent get in touch if you needour support.

Kent: 8, Canterbury street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5TX

Office: 0800-246-1289
Mobile: +447525-440-610

Flexible, Contemporary & Dedicated

Savvy Women Group will allow you to learn the techniques work in real property business situations by learning from people whose success has been achieved because of investments. This will make the support more valuable and realistic, again, making it more likely that the methods will be adopted by you thus allowing you to be more successful.

Dedicated Experts & Planning Teams

Entering the property market with a view to creating your fortune is simple, even when you do not have much background knowledge. However, to find success, you do need the guidance of experts. With the right knowledge, understanding how property investment works becomes easy. With a great team behind you. We have a dedicated team to assist you in your property investment journey.

    • Solicitor
    • Accountant
    • Finance Broker
    • Estate agent
    • Property Manager team
    • Letting team
    • Sourcing team
    • Inter designer
    • Mindset coach
    • Business Advisor
    • BuilderInsurance broker
    • Tax advisor

Premium, Fresh Signature Programs

We have developed several accredited programs, that is suited for the beginner’s investor to the more advanced property investor, with each module there is 3 units to complete.

Module 1: Business Foundations
Module 2: Property Investment 101
Module 3: Build Your Property Portfolio
Module 4: Financial Freedom

Human-Centered Coaching Program

The One to One Coaching Program is aimed at those who are eager to get into property investment and want to start investing in properties successful as soon as possible. The program is running over a 3-month period and entitles you to weekly/monthly consultation sessions with Sapphire where she will guide and help you through your investment decisions. The consultation service is a flexible system that allows you to learn in the way that suits your lifestyle, your time and your family commitments. During the 3 months you will also be able to join the Savvy Women training events free of charge to ensure that you get every opportunity to fully understand how to invest in property successfully and safely.

Our Team

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