S4 EP.5 – Property Success With The Help Of Property VA’s with Cristina Osborne

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Property Investor Show!


This week’s Episode 5 of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses “Property Success With The Help Of Property VA’s” with special guest: Cristina Osborne



1. If a VA will help you succeed in property?

2. How this thinking will lead to failure and frustration.

3. How systemised outsourcing will help you leverage VAs smartly to help you do more and achieve more in property.


This week’s podcast episode covers all this and more.

Cristina Osborne is based in West Yorkshire, England. She runs a property investment business Houseborne Ltd with her husband Stephen Osborne. Houseborne Ltd builds new homes for local council housing associations.

Cristina also runs The Property VA providing outsourcing solutions for UK property investors. She hold a weekly training program for Filipino VAs to learn how to find property deals for their property investor clients. Cristina has been invited to speak at property networking events with Wealth Builders, Cogito Wealth and 90 Day Planning.

For 2023, in addition to working on new build developments, Cristina has set up an introduction company connecting small to medium house builders in the UK with private financiers via private equity and HNW investors.

Most property investors understand how leveraging a virtual assistant can help them do more and achieve more in property.

However, most PIs do not know where to begin finding, hiring and working with VAs and this usually results in a frustrating and costly experience.

She is a Filipina property investor who understands what both sides need to work and communicate effectively to help you do more and achieve more in property.




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