S4 EP.11 – The Secrets To Scaling Your Business with Paty Soares

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Property Investor Show!


This week’s Episode 11 of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses “The Secrets To Scaling Your Business” with special guest: Paty Soares



-What it means to scale a business?

-What you need to do to prepare to scale your business?

-The biggest mistakes you can make when scaling your business?


This week’s podcast episode covers all this and more.


Paty Soares is a Strategic Partner and Small Business Consultant. She is the founder of Paty Soares Consulting.

After years exploring right or left-brain roles for small businesses to corporate, including IBM and Siemens, Paty started her business to support creative high achievers by being their strategic sounding board and giving them the roadmap and steps necessary to get there and make their vision reality.

Her mission is to support entrepreneurs who are scaling up and bringing order and action into creative thinking, so you can shape your business to suit you, your goals and lifestyle — without compromising on profit and growth.

Paty Soares focus on developing a strategic growth plan, operations and creating a high-end service delivery experience with a holistic approach to all areas of business.

You spend your time doing what you love. I’ll spend my time making business simple, easy, and satisfying for you.

When not working, Paty is painting, reading, planning the next destination, or watching some live music around town. She believes that everyone is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business, so creating a business that fits you and your lifestyle is key to a sustainable business.





Instagram: @iampatysoares

Facebook: @iampatysoares

twitter: @iampatysoares

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paty-soares/

Website: www.patysoares.com





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