S3 EP.8 – Becoming Your Own Therapist, While Using The Balance Procedure with Liz Almond

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Property Investor Show!


This week’s Episode 8 of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses on Becoming Your Own Therapist, While Using The Balance Procedure with special guest: Liz Almond


Do you know:

-What is the Balance Procedure? 

-What are the benefits the Balance Procedure and why would business owners want to learn how to use the Balance Procedure?

-How can you train in the Balance Procedure and get your energy aligned?


This week’s podcast episode covers all this and more.



Liz Almond, The Mindset Shifter is an inspirational and multi award winning Spiritual Teacher, Business Coach/Mentor, Author, and Holistic Therapist.  Liz works with midlife professionals who are feeling stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled to help them feel happier, empowered, and confident as well as feeling more balanced and with clarity about their life purpose. Often her clients are usually caring for elderly parents, and this is a key aspect creating them stress due to unhealed childhood trauma.  Mental Health, Menopause and Bereavement are her specialism. 

Liz uses multiple advanced energy and mindset techniques to help her clients shift negative emotional baggage that they are carrying so that they can feel more energised and feel lighter and brighter.  She is also a trainer of multiple therapies including Reiki, NLP, and The Balance Procedure.  She is passionate about challenging and changing perceptions about mental health to assist individuals to be well again and to understand the link between spirituality and mental health.



Connect with Liz Almond on:


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lizalmondinsightfulminds

TWITTER: @lizalmond

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-almond-7b3a9b22/


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