S3 EP.6 – How To Raise Finance For Property And Development Projects

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Property Investor Show!


This week’s Episode 6 of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses on How To Raise Finance For Property And Development Projects with special guest: Nilufer Nathu


Do you know:

-How to gain funding for your development projects?

-How to purchase property with ‘no money’?

-What steps to take to make your business venture attractive to loan lenders?


This week’s podcast episode covers all this and more.

Head of property finance, Nilufer has worked in Corporate Banking for 14 years. she now works for a Commercial Brokerage Firm, as head of property finance at Funding track. Nilufer spends her time helping clients develop, evaluate, strategize, and put into operation measures to make a company successful. Specifically, Nilufer’s expertise lies in in the property sector, where she specialises in property investment and development finance. A customer centric businessperson at heart, Nilufer is extremely passionate about building strong relationships in order to harness a deep understanding of the business, personal needs and financial goals. A true Property finance professional, she is able to source bespoke financial solutions for property investors and developers – including first time developers.



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