S3 EP.10 – Financial Independents And Generational Wealth with Nannette Atuahene

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Property Investor Show!


This week’s Episode 10 of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses “Financial Independents And Generational Wealth” with special guest: Nannette Atuahene



-Do you know the rule of equal distribution?

-Do you know the first steps to becoming financially independent?

-What makes some want to be financially sound?



This week’s podcast episode covers all this and more.


After traveling to South America, Africa and Europe as a student and young adult,

Nannette Atuahene-Barrie saw that there was more to life than she originally

thought and saw great possibilities for herself and others. After returning from her travels, she saw people around her, back in the US, going through life unfulfilled and stressed out, sometimes working a job that was killing them. Her mother passed away at the age of 50, when she was the tender age of 19, and that led her to explore for herself and others how to live a fulfilling life.


Her life is a testament to the fact that you can live the life you want vs. the life you

think you HAVE to live- with more peace and ease, to create your life to EMPLOY

YOUR JOY. She has been able to do a lot for her family and community as a result of investing in real estate as an owner, investor, and broker, and shares that

knowledge with others.


Her passion for life, empowering energy and engaging stories will help connect you to your true life, to live life by design, not by default. She has four children, -ages 21, twins 20 and 18, who are all in university-and owns and has owned several businesses and properties. She is a graduate of Cal State Northridge in Business Administration, accounting, and finance. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

Currently, she is a real estate broker with Keller Williams Realty as well as a real

estate investor, speaker, and educator.


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