Property Courses

Unit 1 : Luxury Lifestyle for Women (AQA Accredited)

In this course, we’re going to talk about what it means to have a life of luxury and what your life could be like with Savvy Woman by your side. You deserve a luxury lifestyle, and our course is going to help you to achieve that.

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Unit 2 : How to become successful (AQA Accredited)

Still feeling confused about how you can go from a small investment to large returns. Don’t worry; this is the course for you. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of how to become a successful woman

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Unit 3 : Balancing Family and Business (AQA Accredited)

It’s not easy to balance parenthood, partnership and business, so you need a course that will work on that with you. We’ll give you help with perfecting a balance that many still strive for.

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Unit 4 : Property Education (AQA Accredited)

You need to know everything about the property game, and we’re going to break it all
down for you in easy to manage chunks of information. You’ll learn all about the property you can invest in and how to do it here.

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Unit 5 : Why Invest in Property (AQA Accredited)

You need to know why property investment is a good idea. The more you know about property investment and why you should put your money into it, the better off you will be on your journey.

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Unit 6 : Funding Property (AQA Accredited)

Before investing in property, it is important to understand, and have a good handle on your own personal financial position. In this course you’ll be looking at your own finances in detail as well as exploring the different ways in which you could fund your first property.

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Unit 7 : Understanding Tax Rules (AQA Accredited)

We want to ensure that you know how to make your mark on the world legally. Taxes need to be paid, and you just need to know how to pay them while still making as much money as you can make. Take a glance at this course to get comfortable with your taxes.

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Unit 8 : Your Strategy into Property (AQA Accredited)

You need a plan for your money to start coming in. So, you need a place to start, and
there isn’t one better than this course. We can help you to build a strategy and know your short term and long-term goals with your property investment.

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Unit 9 : How To Make Money From Property (AQA Accredited)

Having a strategy in place is essential but knowing how you can get money out of your investment is what will keep you motivated. Learn how to make money from your property investment here.

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Unit 10 : Selling, Renting & Expanding Your Portfolio (AQA Accredited)

When the money is coming in, and you’re finally starting to live that luxury lifestyle that you’ve always wanted, you may want to build on that. This is the course that will help you to expand your property portfolio.

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Unit 11 : Your Retirement Plan (AQA Accredited)

t could help you to have a plan with the money that you’re going to make, and with a solid retirement plan, you can have your future mapped out and ready to go without any worries. This is a course that will help you to lay out your new retirement plan.

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