Entry requirements

To join this course, you must have a willingness to build a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones. You also need to be willing to learn and have the written communication skills to complete the level 3 assessment workbook.

Course Duration: 30 days

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • 8 features to look for when investing in property
  • 8 characteristics to avoid when investing in property
  • 5 types of investment opportunities
  • 5 ways to add value to a property
  • The benefits of passing down a property to children
  • The benefits of putting property into a trust for children
  • At least 5 Control Property types
  • demonstrated the ability to:
    • Research and identify the bank of England interest base rate
    • Research rental properties in a local area and explore top and bottom rent prices Research and find out 3 of the most desirables streets or villages in a local area


You need to know why property investment is a good idea. The more you know about property investment and why you should put your money into it, the better off you will be on your journey.

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