Entry requirements

To join this course, you must already have your own business or working. You also need to be willing to learn and have the written communication skills to complete the level 3 assessment worksheets.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand traditional pension
  • How to use property investment as a pension
  • Gain an understanding of inheritance tax isn’t paid
  • Consider the type of lifestyle desired in retirement
  • Research pension figures and provide a desired annual pension income breakdown
  • Research and summarise what Pension Freedom is
  • Research and summarise Inheritance Tax
  • Research and identify the standard Inheritance Tax Rate
  • Research and identify the normal threshold for inheritance tax
  • Research and identify the inheritance tax rate if leaving property to children or grandchildren
  • Identify the benefits of using a pension to invest in commercial property


It could help you to have a plan with the money that you’re going to make, and with a solid retirement plan, you can have your future mapped out and ready to go without any worries. This is a course that will help you to lay out your new retirement plan.

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