Entry requirements

To join this course, you must have a willingness to build a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones. You also need to be willing to learn and have the written communication skills to complete the level 3 assessment workbook.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • At least 5 ways to save money
  • At least 6 benefits for investing in propert
  • At least 5 top Buy to Let lenders
  • At least 4 private lenders
  • At least 5 things to have in a good property partnership
  • At least 6 reasons for using cash to finance a property business
  • Reflect on what financial freedom means to them as an individual
  • Complete a budget sheet
  • Complete a priority debt worksheet
  • Complete a credit report search online
  • Name a Chartered Financial Analyst that is free to use
  • Research the pros and cons of formally borrowing money
  • Research the pros and cons of renting a room to generate finances for investment
  • Research the pros and cons of borrowing money from family and friends
  • Research the pros and cons of a property portfolio vs a property business
  • Research and explain what a flip property is
  • Work out a cash investment amount
  • The pros and cons of private lenders
  • Write an advert for seller finance
  • Research the benefits of using someone else’s cash to finance a property business


Before investing in property, it is important to understand, and have a good handle on your own personal financial position. In this course you’ll be looking at your own finances in detail as well as exploring the different ways in which you could fund your first property.

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