Welcome to the Savvy Property Investors Show, a show about ascending the property industry through educated and wise investment decisions.

Hosted each week, by Ms. Sapphire Gray, our show seeks to educate the newbie and season property investor, with insightful knowledge from top industry leaders and experts about the challenges and benefits of building a property business. Tune in each week to learn the different tips and techniques that experts apply to assist investors to get the best financial guidance and latest property investments trends.

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Sapphire Gray is an award-winning Business & Property Coach, financial Educator, life coach, author, and international speaker. Sapphire is the founder & CEO of The Savvy Women Group, that helps Busy Professional Women become more financially independent, by empowering them to build additional revenue via investing in property, which allows them to have control of their financial future.

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So, tune in today to reap the benefits of wise investment decisions from the wisdom of those who understand the world of property and real estate investments!

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