Is it a good time for the property buyer?

Choosing whether the time is right for you to buy a property is a hard decision to make. This is because choosing when and how to buy a property isn’t exact science. However,  be that as it may, there are some ways you can get an overall impression of whether the market is probably going to be in support of you. 


On our blog this week we are analyzing how the real estate market is fairing, so here goes,


How can one tell whether the market is good for property purchase?


In case you’re in the beginning phases of your home purchasing journey, there are a couple of things you can look at to see whether the market is at present in support of your desire to buy a home. Being equipped with this kind of  data will assist you in deciding whether to take the jump, or to delay until you can improve your bargain margins. 


Thus, before signing on the dotted line ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does the market have what you’re looking for?

Carrying out an online research can help you see the kind of property deals that are in the market. Likewise, it is important to note that there will always be  property locations and homes that will constantly be in short supply like detached homes in central London, or studio flats in Colne. However, seeing what is currently available in the market can help you see if you really have the capability of placing an offer in the market or you need to take more time to save for your dream home.

  • Are house costs going up or down? 

When house prices are going up it’s by and large an indicator that the market is at present working for sellers instead of buyers. Moreover, house costs generally go up when there’s insufficient homes to satisfy the demand and bidding wars tend to drive up the cost. For areas especially urban regions like London and Edinburgh are regularly amongst the most costly for those hoping to purchase a home. While more modest, country homes will in general have lower property costs. A rule of thumb however is, house prices are driven by the commercial activities within the area as well as the infrastructural development taking place within the region.

  • How’s the mortgage market? 

Mortgage and real estate are intertwined. When loan fees are low, buyers are bound to be dynamic since acquiring cash is more reasonable whilst the vice versa is true for if there aren’t many home loans accessible it becomes costly for individuals to get cash, so less individuals will take up to buying homes.


So how does the property market look right now?


Housing supply 


Probably the greatest issue confronting property buyers in the UK right now is the lack of housing supply. As per property entryway Zoopla, housing supply is currently 20.8% lower than last year. This is in accordance with remarks from Rightmove that stock levels on the site were at an ‘unequaled low’. 


Be that as it may, many buyers are searching for family homes, or properties with gardens. For instance, Rightmove discovered 14% less new postings put available between January and March this year, in any case there were around 30% less new postings of 3-or 4-room detached properties – the most famous property type for UK purchasers. 


Notwithstanding, those hoping to purchase a property in a downtown area are probably going to have more decisions. Central London, for instance, is one of the spaces seeing below the norm levels of purchaser interest. Many guess this is the consequence of a change in buyer needs. In the past many home buyers wanted homes near their workplace. However, currently people are searching for properties that offer more space at the cost, regardless of whether they are somewhat further away from the workplace. 


Why are sellers not putting up their properties in the market?


Zoopla predicts that the quantity of home deals this year will hit 1.5 million by December 2021 – 45% higher than last year. This suggests that there is a lack of supply that is caused partly due to extra buyer demand, not a lack of sellers coming to market. However, there has been a slow down in the number of new properties entering the market, suggesting some reluctance amongst sellers.


There are a number of reasons why people are slightly more reluctant to sell their properties right now. 

These include:

The COVID pandemic 


The home selling process includes a great deal of contact with potential buyers coming for viewings. Many mortgage holders have been hesitant to begin promoting their property as a result of the likely danger of transmission. Be that as it may, with the facilitating of limitations, and huge extents of the populace being immunized, it’s probably more individuals will be glad to have expected purchasers over for viewings again soon. 


Stamp obligation occasion cutoff time 


While numerous buyers are quick to exploit the stamp obligation occasion, a few sellers are careful about advertising their property excessively near the cutoff time. A few deals won’t finish on schedule to exploit the investment funds, and this could prompt exchange fall if a buyer can’t pay the forthright stamp obligation cost. 


Monetary vulnerability 


The monetary effect of the Covid pandemic has not yet been felt in full. A few groups would prefer not to settle on enormous monetary choices, like taking on a home loan, until they totally see how secure their monetary position is for what’s to come. 


Purchaser contest 


Numerous buyers who put their homes available to be purchased are likewise hoping to purchase. Thus some are holding off selling until there are more properties available to browse from.


Notwithstanding, sellers that are putting their homes available at the present moment, are finding that they sell unimaginably fast, and for the most part at a lot greater expenses than they expected. 


Will this change soon? 


Property analysts have anticipated that the finish of lockdown limitations will urge sellers to feel more certain about putting their property in the market, and having individuals over for viewings. 


Moreover, almost certainly, the tightening of the stamp obligation occasion will add to a diminishing of buyer interest. This will imply almost certainly, when the occasion has finished, we may see a period where less individuals than typical go to the market – lessening the unevenness among demand and supply. 


House costs 


Because of the interest from buyers, and the low quantities of properties available, house costs have developed hugely over the years. 


As per the most recent Land Registry House Price Index the normal property cost in England is £268,000. This is 8.9% higher than the year prior – an increment of just shy of £25,000. 


For instance, where house costs in the North West have expanded 11.8% since last year, spaces of inward London have seen exceptionally sluggish paces of house value development. House costs in the City of London for instance, have really diminished 13.6% since last year. 


The home loan market 


At the present moment, the mortgage market is great for those hoping to move house. Loan fees are low, which makes it more reasonable to acquire., who follow the home loan market intently, have discovered rates beginning at as low as 0.95% for home movers who can advance to 40%.


The home loan market is, in general, less great for first time purchasers. This is on the grounds that first time buyers present a more serious danger to moneylenders and will in general have more modest rates.


Things being what they are, is presently a good opportunity to purchase a house? 


For now, the property market is financially a difficult market. House costs are high, and there’s loads of contests for the best homes. It will be difficult for some buyers to track down the right house, or get the best arrangement. 


In any case, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an extension for buyers to exploit the circumstance as well. Many home sellers are quick to move rapidly to guarantee they meet the stamp obligation occasion cutoff time. Also, there are a few regions – for example, downtown areas – where less buyers are looking, and house value development is slower than ordinary. 


So ensure you’re fully informed regarding nearby and public patterns. However, in case you’re hoping to purchase a property presently, we’d suggest getting your finances in order prior to focusing on a property or home loan bargain – especially on the off chance that you plan to move again.


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