How To Gain A Luxurious Lifestyle For Women: Invest In Property


Written by Sapphire Gray of Savvy Women Group



Are you one of those women who have always wanted to live your lifestyle in the lap of luxury? Is it even achievable? and how can you afford to do this? Within SWG I have tried and tested multiple methods to get the most out of the property market.

I have created multiple streams of incomes from my portfolio of properties and today use my knowledge to mentor other Savvy women. In this week’s blog, I have a few suggestions to help you start achieving all your wants and desires.



As a property investment expert, my first suggestion would be to peek at an investment home. You can ask someone in the Property business and start looking at the housing market to see what you can afford.

You’ll need to start thinking about the type of property you may be interested in, for help on this check out our blog- 6 tips for choosing the right property to invest in.



My next suggestion would be to ask your bank if you qualify for a loan. Banks usually have low rates for a mortgage loan, which would be immensely helpful especially if you find that perfect house.

According to, Mortgage rates have hit “Record lows”, with some banks launching a “0.83 per cent 2-year fixed rate”, seemingly a good deal, you want to make sure the conditions of the term will work for you. Read the article here.

If you do end up finding a house that fits that description and it is in your budget, then buy it! A tip to keep in mind for future reference is this, the longer a house is off the market, the more money/equity it accrues.



For some investors it is all about the area and some areas are nicer than others. Stick with your budget and what you can afford. If you can ideally, you’d choose the nicest area you can afford, but if your budget just can’t stretch to the ‘perfect’ location, choose an area that is likely to increase in value through the development of infrastructure, schools, outstanding areas of natural beauty etc. So do your due diligence in researching what your location has to offer.

You should do both in-person and online research where you can, looking at things like Online maps, planning applications that may be in the area, house prices and crime statistics.



The UK has a range of gorgeous homes, with lavish living rooms like the ones below. Can you imagine having a living room area like this in your home? Aren’t these rooms just beyond gorgeous? Starting out prices for homes in the UK are around £250,000 dependent on area.

So how can you afford a house like this and become financially responsible?








Selling your purchased house, a few years down the line will earn you some profit from the appreciation built up during those years. It’s so important so I’ll repeat it again, the longer the house is off the market, the more equity it will acquire.

Also, if small or large renovations are done to the home to make it more appealing, that helps the equity go up as well. It could be just giving the home a general refresh or structural changes like adding an extra room, converting lofts etc.

It’s always a good idea when thinking of selling a house to make it look as sharp as possible for potential buyers, after all the extra effort should result in a higher asking price.



If you do not want the hassle of putting your house up on the market, maybe become a renter instead. Check what the current rental income is in your area and match those prices with the rent you want for your house. By doing all of this, you can possibly get most or all your investment back.



When choosing a mortgage always go with a broker, the market is a complicated system when you don’t have the know-how, the outright costs will inevitably be worth it because you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve covered all bases. Savvy Estates service offers mortgage brokers that will aid you with your requirements, our certified brokers can obtain mortgages for most people even those with CCJs and arrears, click here to speak with us today.

The suggestions I’ve made will send you on your way to make your investment worthwhile.  Investing in property is the smartest way to spend your money, and in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to achieve some of your financial goals in life.

Now you must ask yourself do you want to accomplish all this so that you can live your dream? I would say yes. Think of all the hard work, time, and money that you spend to make sure that you can have the life that you have always envisioned for yourself! To be carefree and have a luxurious lifestyle? That sounds like a bright and fun future for yourself!

Make your dreams happen today and join the Savvy Women Investors Academy, and book now for your FREE no-obligation consultancy call now.

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