Don’t even think about investing your hard-earned money before you ask yourself these questions:


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  1. What is your investment goal?

The most important question to consider before making any investment is, “What am I trying to accomplish?” Your investments will differ vastly if, for example, you are trying to save money for retirement versus trying to save money for a down payment on a house. So, ask yourself, “Is this investment likely to help me meet my goal?”

  1. What is my risk tolerance?

If your investment goal is to make as much money as possible and you can tolerate any risk, then you should “invest” in real estate. You should always ask yourself: Are you comfortable with the risk you’re taking?

  1. What happens if this investment goes to zero?

something to think about if you’re a long-term “buy and hold” investor. There is a real possibility that any investment you make could go to zero while you own it. Ask yourself, “Will I be financially devastated if this investment goes to zero?” If the answer is yes, don’t make that investment.

  1. What is my investment time frame?

In general, the longer your investment time frame, the more risk you can accept in your investment portfolio because you have more time to recover from a mistake. Also, if you’re saving for retirement and your decades away from retiring, investing in something like a rental property may make sense. Ask yourself, “Does this investment make sense from a timing point of view?”

  1. Do I have special knowledge?

Ordinary people have a huge advantage over investment professionals in fields where they work because no investment professional will ever know more about an industry than someone who works in it. Ask yourself, “Am I investing in something I know something about, or am I investing in something that two college professors at Yale know something about?”

  1. Do you help with goal setting?

We always ask our clients what their goals are. This assists us with making a workable plan for your property investments right from the start, which helps avoid any costly mistakes, these are some of the questions we ask;

What are your goals? Are you looking for safety, income or growth from this investment? Or both growth and income?

  1. What are the risks of property investment?

We at savvy estates always try to mitigate risk by the plan with our clients. Investing in real estate is high risk and there is no guarantee of future outcomes. The real estate market has economic cycles and it is exposed to wider macro-economic factors.

Some of the general risks of real estate investments are Geographical, Environmental, Regulatory and Legal, Financing and Illiquidity. Further information of the risks can be found in the Investment Offering documentation when available. You really need to ask yourself; Are you comfortable taking these risks?

  1. How much do you expect to earn on this investment? Is this realistic?

Investing in property has various ways in which you can make money from it, so your earning from each strategy will be different. When you seat with our coaches, we will be able to give you an idea of what you could potentially earn from the strategy that you wish to invest in.

  1. How long should I plan to invest?

    This would dependant on your situation and circumstances. For instance, if you are 40 years old and what to build a retirement portfolio then the average age of retirement is 65 years old then you at least have 25 years to build your investment which will be classed a long term investment, so ask yourself; Is this a short-, medium- or long-term investment?

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