This week’s episode of The Savvy Property Investors Show focuses on BEING A CANCER SURVIVOR WHICH LED ME TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR with Selina Cheshire.

Selina Cheshire Selina Cheshire is a compassionate Leader. She is a fighter for humanity’s good changing one life at a time. 

Her unwavering belief and perseverance became her strength. After her divorce, she moved from one brother to the other, one relative to another trying to find her feet until she eventually got to a point of self-belief and resilience, opened a shop to use her skills as a designer so that she would be able to look after herself and her children. Being homeless with two children made her vow that her children will never suffer the way she did.  

Still, after graduating from a teacher’s college, things continued to go nosedive, without any sign that it will change. She made another attempt to change her life by moving to a neighboring country working as a seamstress for over six months. She was trying to raise money to move to America or the United Kingdom so as to give her children a better chance to live. 

With courage and determination, Selina left her country, alone with £95.00 between her and poverty to embark on an unknown journey to the United Kingdom. 

She started afresh as a carer for the elderly in a nursing home and a table cleaner at the airport for 6 hours. She would work 12 hours in the night and then go to sleep for 4 hours then to the airport. She worked for almost a year doing this kind of work, which almost killed her. 

She became a Christian Science For thirteen years she worked harmoniously as a CS nurse until she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 4 cancer. That changed her story and attitude towards life. 

Selina hadn’t dealt with her traumatic life and looked for help. She carried everything on her shoulders as if she was a hero. She suffered in silence and ended up having to be treated with chemotherapy that almost killed her. 

Selina is now a public speaker, author of 2 books, a Wellness Coach, and a grandmother of 2 girls. She’s on a mission to educate millions of women on how to build their immune systems for a better life. She is inviting other women to share the love and heal humanity. 

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