Different Ways Women Can Learn To Successfully Invest In Property


Written by Sapphire of the Savvy Women Group.


Are you looking to invest in a property and want to know how to properly assess if it is a worthwhile investment? Savvy Women aims to educate women interested in the property market, giving you the confidence to pursue your plan of action. So how then, do you start? Read below for tips and ideas on what you should do to prepare yourself for property investing.



Starting an online course, will help you pad out your understanding of the property market,

Not only does taking reputable courses increase your knowledge of the subject, it also expands your confidence. You will come across as a business-savvy woman who knows your stuff, respected for your continuing expertise.


Online courses can cover subjects like:  

The benefits of investing in property

How you can become financially secure

Choosing which property strategy works best for you

How to find the best deal out there. This is a helpful tool in learning about property education.


Depending on how keen you are to get going; there are many free resources online, or maybe you want to opt for a course that will provide you some certification at the end of your time, like our AQA accredited property courses available now.

In any case, SWG has a free COMPLETE beginner’s guide to property investing, sign up here and get the pack sent straight to your email.



Books are such a useful tool to have because you are only limited by your curiosity. If you have a tablet or android phone you can download the e-books so that you can reference them if you need too.  It is essential to read or take in something regarding this topic daily, so that you can get into the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur and have a successful business that you created brick by brick.


My top 3 recommendations for this month have to be:

Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Time, Money and Experience by Simon Zutshi

Multiple Streams of Property Income: Building A Passive Income With Multiple Property Strategies. By Rob Moore

The Book on Flipping Houses: How to Buy, Rehab, and Resell Residential Properties: 1 (Fix-And-Flip) by J Scott



Try networking in the group or area that you are looking to invest in. Networking can help you gain further knowledge of the area and the people that live in it. While networking, see if a local broker or estate agent would be willing to take you out on a listing appointment so you can see firsthand how it is done. That is another good way of learning about the properties.

Another good tip to know when educating yourself on properties in the local area you are wanting to sell in. Get familiar with the area so that when you take out a potential client, they will be amazed at the information that you can tell them about the area.



Check out a resident of the area’s blog. Bloggers research information that they write about so you might come across some helpful information on the area that you are locating in. Information on a specific topic/area would be helpful in educating yourself on the area and property that you are looking at.


YouTube videoblogs, more commonly known as vlogs, can be outstanding for learning new skills and tricks of the property market. They have some good tutorials on sites like YouTube for instance, that can help with finding educational videos on the specific topic that you are researching. This is an extremely useful tool to utilize.

Our favourite YouTube video this week comes from The Break, Ultimate steps to buying a house.

Podcasts: wanting to learn about property whilst on the go? Then podcasts may be right for you. The Savvy Property Investors show, is our 2-season podcast, packed with exclusive content, we invite a new guest each week and share that knowledge with you. Find us on all podcast streaming sites or click here.



There are so many good resources out there to help you educate yourself on properties and what areas are good to promote. It may be a little overwhelming at first but the more you get to know the area, other estate agents and the clientele, the better your chances are that you will have a greater understanding of the properties that you are going to be selling. This is an incredibly good investment opportunity for you and your family.

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