Become a Savvy Women Mentor

If you’re over 25 and passionate about seeing women succeed in their professional and personal lives, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking to add to our bank of voluntary mentors.

We’ll provide full training and support. We just need you to be reliable and genuinely committed to helping women maximise their potential. Ideally you will be a successful professional, keen to share the benefit of your experience.

Most of our clients are based in London, so you should either be based in London or easily able to travel here to volunteer*.

If your application is successful, you’ll work with each client for a minimum of six months, giving you time to form a great connection and make a real difference to their lives.

To apply, please email us at your CV and details of why you believe you’d be a great addition to our team.

We offer unique innovative services and products for buy-to-let investors, property developers, first-time buyers, and Homebuyers who wish to cover the United Kingdom, Europe, and International property markets.

Savvy Women focuses on property coaching and mentoring, consultancy, and advisory for women in business and Property Bootcamp. We are the best at what we do, and we offer unique innovative services and products.

We at savvy estates always try to mitigate risk by plan with our clients. To Invest in real estate is high risk and there is no guarantee of future outcomes. The real estate market has economic cycles and it is exposed to wider macro-economic factors.
Some of the general risks of real estate investments are Geographical, Environmental, Regulatory and Legal, Financing and Illiquidity. Further information of the risks can be found in the Investment Offering documentation when available. You really need to ask yourself; Are you comfortable taking these risks?

Benefits and rewards

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.

Personal impact, mentoring, and teamwork are just a few of the benefits of building a career at Savvy Women.

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