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    Is UK Property an Accessible Investment?

    Although the UK offers a lot of the same financial opportunities as other countries, the accessibility and reliability of this investment market are what sets it apart from others. The Buy-to-Let property market is a common first stop for investors into the UK, and now increasingly popular amongst both UK residents and overseas investors.

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  • 5PropertyTips
    How to add value to your HMO property 5 tips

    HMO property investment is one of the 52 property businesses strategies that you can get into. When considering this strategy always look at properties that are 3 bedrooms and above 2 x living room, large kitchen and has scope to increase the value. Here are 5 tips to increase your HMO property;

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  • OptionforRetirement
    Is property investment still an option for your retirement?

    Do you have a retirement plan? I asked myself this question twenty years ago, and back then the answer was NO. When you’re in your twenties this is the last thing you think about, you justify it by say “I’m young, I have enough time to think about my retirement”.

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    The ceiling has a crack in it-Women doing property Investment….

    With the ceiling firmly still intact and women still fighting for equality is it no wonder some women are fighting back, but not in the way we think. Women are become more financially astute and looking at alternative ways other than the typical 9-5 Job, according to Glass door the national average earning of senior manager £78,000 allowing average woman between the ages 35-55 looking for ways to become financial free.

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    8 Essential Stages for the New Property Investor

    Do you ever watch property investment programs? Such as Property Ladder and Home Under the hammer and think I would love to be a property investor?

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