An Advantage To Buying Market Over Renting

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What’s happening with rent and housing prices?

Consumers have considered buying instead of renting due to the increase in rental prices during the past year. This information was extracted from The growth rate is exponential, to the point where it has almost reached 5% and it is set to increase even more in 2022.

As a result of this people are looking more into buying. In spite of the 10% increase in prices across the UK, the market benefits the buyer in this case, thanks to the First-Time Buyers Scheme.

What is this new buying scheme?

The concept offers an astounding 30% off the price of your first home, which is an incentive for young people to invest in their first home. The benefits of purchasing a home over renting are enormous, according to research that claims that owning a home instead of renting translates to saving an individual £194,000 over a 50-year period.


What to know when buying your first home?

Although buying your first property might take some time, it will be worth it in the long run. Prior to making any decision, please make sure you are aware of the prices and requirements in your area.

Looking at rent prices again, it has been brought to everyone’s attention that people are having difficulties paying their rent, especially in the central areas of the country. Considering this, people have been moving to outer parts of the country in search of better prices and better quality of life.

In order for people not to lose money in the future due to these changes, there are many ways to help them find the right property and price.



Even though housing prices are predicted to rise in 2022, you should not miss out on the opportunity to rent/buy your first home.


If you are a small time/ new property investor, deciding on when to buy a property can be a complicated decision process. Whilst we haven’t talked you Through the steps in this blog, and by the way we do have helpful articles for this, just click here. It is so beneficial to be aware of where you can find the trends and statistics regarding property.


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