5 Ways To Market Your Investment And Get Your Property Sold


Written by Sapphire of the Savvy Women Group


As a budding property investor, you will know that correctly advertising your investment properties, is a key step in drawing in potential buyers. Getting the marketing right is all about utilising methods that have a proven track record.



In this week’s Savvy Blog, I’ll walk you through helpful strategies you can implement today to get the best outcome for your properties.


PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE – Use an estate agent: they will help you show off the houses that you invested into, aiding to getting potential buyers. Having a portfolio of the work you’ve done to your properties, can assist buyers, allowing them to see what you have accomplished as an investor. As a result, they may want to purchase houses you have renovated.

You should do your due diligence when it comes to choosing an estate agent to help you market your property you have for sale. By having the right agent to help you can make the selling process a lot easier, especially if they are knowledgeable about the property, they are trying to sell for you.

With your estate agent, you should evaluate the value of what your home is worth. Usually, an estate agent will average the prices out of what the current house prices are selling for in that area and give you the valuation of your selling price based on that information.

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WORD CAN SPREAD EASILY, SO MAKE IT COUNT – By networking with others in the area besides an estate agent, you will not only increase your interpersonal relationships, but you may find a suitable buyer for your property. Word of mouth is useful and will usually help market your business quickly and efficiently.

Remember that whilst word of mouth is good, a few stark/bad reviews can damage your reputation, to avoid this, ensure your standards of work are high and you are making buyers aware of the true form and quality of your properties.


GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR PHONE CAMERA It might be a good trick to start using the power of social media, to showcase your properties but it can also prove to be a lucrative way of creating an online community.



Taking pictures of properties, you’ve renovated and posting on your various social media platforms (Facebook/Facebook marketplace/Twitter/Instagram/Blogs) can really solidify a buyer’s perspective of what you do, this could lead to sales in time.

Social media is another word-of-mouth outlet source, this way can potentially sell your property even faster, especially if you need the money to fund a new investment or the buyers are wanting to move in as soon as possible.

The more exposure that you have with your investment properties the more likely they will get sold. Think of who your target audience is and gear your picture towards them.


STYLING – Did you know: According to a recent survey by the Home Staging association UK & Ireland, out of the estate agents surveyed: 100% agreed that “Home staging makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home” and 94% of respondents stated: “That staging a property increases the number of viewings it receives.” To read a summary on the report visit here.

You should dress the interior of the house remembering who your target market is, this can be done on the cheap by accessorising and adding some nice inexpensive décor, always keeping in mind to use neutral colors on walls and ceiling, however you can add splashes of colour through accessorising, making your property more appealing to your potential buyer.



You want to create a space, that when a buyer walks in, they can imagine themselves in the space. For example, if you are selling a small family home, think of how a family would use it, would they be looking for a nursery/children’s room? Would they eat dinner together on a nice dining table?

Style accordingly but keep it neutral as discussed so they can imagine themselves adding the finishing touches to make your property, their home. The more inviting the home > higher chance of selling at or above asking price.


PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE – When a buyer is looking to buy your house, leave the house for a while and let them look around alone. Let the buyer’s agent sell your house for you and allow your hard work and beautiful décor speak for itself.

Again, you want the potential buyer to get a genuine feel of what it would be like to own the home. They’ll want to roam the halls and rooms and have the freedom to envision themselves living in the surroundings.

Once there are offers on the table you can take all of them into consideration and choose which one would be the best fitted to buy your home. Safe buyers are the best ones to choose to buy your home.

If you maintain these standards when marketing your properties, you’ll be sure to maximise your profit margins and get the most out of your time, energy, money, and property. More and more, digitilisation means we must adapt and grow with the changing times, so using social medias, along with my other tips, and especially sourcing an excellent estate agent, you will be on your way to selling your house in no time.

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